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The LAB is the official brand behind all of my coaching efforts. As an acronym, The LAB has dual meaning. For potential, existing, and past clients, it translates to The LifeStyle Adjustment Boutique. At its core, it’s designed to be a very personalized approach that addresses the multi-dimensional areas requiring adjustments to prepare you for a vibrant and prosperous journey through life. For me, it carries a deeper meaning which translates into The Life After Bessie, my MOM. With her sudden passing in early 2015 from an ailment I concluded to be treatable with better knowledge, my adjusted stance on life was to empower myself and all receptive minds with the information and resources to end this ever growing cycle of reduced quality of life.

The LAB’s foundation rests on three pillars of focus, Fitness.. Nutrition.. and LifeStyle. It has been my experience as a coach and client of transformation that progress and sustainability are truly achievable when all of these pillars are strategically combined into a methodology that is sparked by desire, orchestrated with a unique plan, adhered to with regimented discipline, and respected with patience. Simply put, you Do This For Life.

My philosophy is this. I will meet you where you are. And if you’re willing to invest yourself wholly into establishing new habits, positive and lasting results will come.

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