Well Hello!

I’m Reggie Gentry

Husband, girl-dad, health & wellness practitioner, problem whisperer,
music lover, traveler, perfectionist, and southern gent who truly believes
that nothing worth having comes for free. So today, let’s invest in our health.

Hi there… Nice to meet you.

I’m a husband, girl-dad, Health & Wellness Coach, Board Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, client-centered coaching fanatic, functional fitness junkie, enthusiastic change maker, laid-back travel partner, problem whisperer, and kid from the Sipp. Did I mention I also have no filter.

My gifts and talents are multi-faceted, without question, and fueled by uniquely problem solving people’s challenges.

My favorite challenges to overcome? Helping YOU live the life that you were intended to by empowering you to take the reigns over your individual health, then witnessing your revived quality of life overflowing into the lives of others.

Here’s a story you may connect with.

“Sometimes we get so focused on building security for ourselves and those we love that we exclude the personal care and attention of the single most important element…. SELF.”

“How you respond to the challenge in the second half will determine what you become after the game, whether you are a winner or a loser.”

Coach Reggie Atlanta, GA

Get to know what my Health & Wellness services really are and how they can help you.

My services are not pre-set plans – they center on helping you establish realistic, manageable actions that get you where you want to be. They simplify foundational health concepts to create true lifestyle changes. To stay consistent, progress has to become more important than perfection. Watch the video and gain more insight as to how the experience of practicing these daily healthy actions can empower you.

Begin your journey to living a healthier life.

My coaching process helps you get lasting results you never thought possible with expert coaching and accountability.

1. Kickoff a Connect Session

We’ll get to know more about your wants, goals and the unique challenges you truly want to overcome.

2. Take your first action steps

We’ll use proven practices to confirm initial actions that will serve as your foundation for future growth.

3. Experience ongoing support

I stay connected to you helping you build on success and navigate through life’s hurdles, via routine chats or texts.

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“Coach Reggie is phenomenal because he transforms your thought process and relationship with food to assist you in achieving your long-term goals. His method is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to change their lifestyle.”

MICA B, Process Expert & Mom of 2

Popping in with weekly inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to keep you on track for your best year YET with your health & lifestyle endeavors. (p.s. – we’re gonna get after it!)