Good Health. Good Sex.

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Gentlemen, start your engines! We’re about to have some real talk.

Life’s situations can easily generate stress. And stress will directly impact how our bodies manage our hormones. And for this conversation, we’re going to look at how stress relates to how our bodies manage our SEX HORMONES.

Got your attention now?

How we feel. How we think. And how our bodies work affect our sex lives.

Sexual Health

Being healthy isn’t just about rock-hard abs or downing a few green smoothies every day. A well balanced healthy lifestyle includes your sexuality too.

Sexual Health Basics:

  1. Allowing yourself to enjoy your own sexuality in a way that truly works for you, whether that’s swinging from a chandelier at the Playboy Mansion, getting jiggy with your long-time partner, or spending some quality time all by yourself.
  2. Freedom from all fear, shame, guilt, false beliefs, and other psychological factors that affect your sexual response and relationships.
  3. Good physical health – freedom from any health issues that may interfere with your ideal functioning.

Basically, sexual health involves the capacity and ability to feel good sexually.


Hormones play a big part in our sexual health.

More specifically, testosterone gives us our mojo and even improves our mood. And by de-stressing more, we lower our cortisol production and keep the testosterone production humping away.

So, if you haven’t considered meditating to lower your heart rate, do it for your sex life.

When hormones are functionally healthy, we’re on the prowl for prey, and our bodies respond well to mental, emotional, and physical stimuli.

In other words, your plumbing works and so does the electricity.

The Brain: your biggest sex organ

Contrary to popular opinion, your brain is in fact the biggest sexual organ.

The way you think and feel about yourself, your relationships, your life, and your body will dramatically impact your sexual health and sexual response.

Getting in shape and eating better will often make your sex life and sexual response better. The improved blood flow as a result to cleaning up that diet and staying active means better sexual performance. And the benefits aren’t just physiological. When you take care of yourself, you feel better about yourself. And that alone can make you feel like a stud.

Your bodies, yourselves

For some, sexuality may feel like a roadblock.

Losing weight may be giving you some angst as you now have to figure out how to incorporate that into existing relationships or dating.

Maybe your spouse or significant other is uncomfortable or learning to accept your changes, and that’s causing some friction.

Regardless, if you’re experiencing issues with sexuality and relationships, don’t ignore them. Get some help!

Remember: Good sex is part of your overall health. You deserve it!

We’re all guys here.. but our sex lives will be unique. And it may change over time, with different partners, in different situations. And that’s okay.

What good sex looks like is up to you.

If you think your sex life could use a bit of assistance from a licensed professional, set you pride and/or embarrassment aside, and go get what you need.

Don’t suffer in silence or shame. You deserve better and I can promise you that you’re not alone.

If you’re already in your zone and enjoying the fruits of your labor, awesome! Keep up that core work…