As a health professional, I’ve learned over the years that there is one question that often goes unanswered by many who have identified the need for change. And that is, Now what? You’d think that with the enormous amount of fitness and nutrition videos, online articles, podcasts, social pages, tweets, grams, yadda yadda yadda… anyone ready for change would know exactly where to start.


If it were that simple, the world would be filled with people who always had their stuff together. But as complex as we were designed to be, we actually prefer things to be simple. And with the swarm of content floating around and through us every millisecond of every day, we are literally battling a constant information overload. So…. I decided to share a series of simple steps to help you get started and ultimately through your process of transformation.

PART 1 – Getting Started

‘Honest Assessment of  Self’

Here are 5 simple questions that you must ask yourself… and answer honestly. The good news is this. If you can actually address these with solid feedback, chances are you’re a lot closer to the change you desire than you think. If you don’t have valid answers, it’s time to find a quiet corner and continue searching for the remaining pieces to your puzzle.

1. What are you looking to change? (This should be extremely specific.)

2. Why are you ready now? (Will this be a top priority? Have you tried to change this before? Is there risk in not changing? Are there other reasons?)

3. When will you start? (Is this a ‘Need to Do’ or a ‘Want to Do’… i.e. Monday versus Soon)

4. Who do you need in your corner during this journey? (Do you have family, friends, loved ones supporting you?)

5. How vested are you in seeing this change come to fruition? (Are you prepared to be consistent and patient despite obstacles, barriers, setbacks?)

So… how confident are you that you’re ready to tackle this? If your gut tells you that you’re in the mindset to actually shake some things up, stay tuned…. we’ll discuss those steps next.

About the author : Reggie G

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