One-on-One Functional Lifestyle Coaching & Personal Fitness Training packages designed to facilitate better quality of life

Whether you’re contemplating the need for health coaching or personal fitness training, this may be the opportunity for you. Each service offering is designed with uniqueness and flexibility, so that you have the right level of support and accountability you deserve as you move toward mastering a healthier lifestyle.

For health coaching, my personalized model gives you the tools, accountability, and level of support you need to master consistency. Wellness programs can range from 3 to 12 months – practicing to become better doesn’t happen over night. And with regard to my personal fitness training, sessions are only available as multi-session packages.

You’re in the driver’s seat and I will be your guide to help you navigate challenges, giving you the insight and education you need to build a strong foundation for a healthy life.


Health Coaching

One-on-One Functional Lifestyle Coaching

Designed to deliver the full support you need on your journey to a healthier lifestyle – addressing nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, and change management habits. With precise communication and accountability that works for you, you’ll never feel alone when facing challenges or celebrating successes.

Service includes:

  • 90 min in-depth initial consultation
  • 2-4 follow up consultations per month
  • Unlimited email support & instant messaging through web/app based platform
  • In-depth + personalized protocols with nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations
  • Updates to protocols along the way as needed
  • Unlimited resources lifestyle and dietary support (grocery lists, info guides, etc.)


Schedule a Discovery Call to help us both determine next steps

*Packages available in varying durations with one-time or payment installment options. Discounts for greater commitments do apply.


Fitness Training

One-on-One Personal Fitness Training

Get an expert to help you move the way you need to. I’ll design an active fitness program that will address your unique health concerns or goals, that will over time, lead you to increased strength, mobility, and better quality of movement. My training is designed for in-person, one-on-one instruction. Some exceptions are considered for virtual instruction based on a per client evaluation.

Service includes:

  • An in-depth initial consultation
  • Various assessments to determine current movement patterns and limitations
  • A personalized fitness program based on current level, limitations, and goals. Updated as needed
  • 1:1 training sessions, available in packages best designed for monthly usage
  • Routine follow ups to assess recovery and potential adjustments
  • Ongoing coach access for support & accountability via email and text


Schedule a Discovery Call to help us both determine next steps

*Sessions are only available in multi-session packages.

Get to know what my Health & Wellness services really are and how they can help you.

My services are not pre-set plans – they center on helping you establish realistic, manageable actions that get you where you want to be. They simplify foundational health concepts to create true lifestyle changes. To stay consistent, progress has to become more important than perfection. Watch the video and gain more insight as to how the experience of practicing these daily healthy actions can empower you.


How is your coaching different?2021-12-13T11:31:03-05:00

My style of coaching is client-centered. I will meet you where you are and help you learn so that you are capable of creating the healthy life you deeply desire. This is not a cookie-cutter program. There is no focus on quick fixes or fads. My goal is to make being healthy simple and sustainable.

What is Health Coaching to me?2022-04-18T13:16:37-04:00

Health Coaching is my unique approach designed to help you establish vital habits needed to reach your health and wellness goals, but more importantly, create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. These habits may be in relation to eating better, moving more, reducing stress, and improving sleep. The primary focus will be tailored to target your individual goals and needs. As the coach, my job is to provide you with support and accountability.

Do you offer nutrition coaching?2022-04-18T13:17:54-04:00

Yes, nutrition coaching is a foundational element of my coaching programs and the biggest reason people seek health coaching. In helping you eat better, we’ll determine what habits seem highly achievable in your busy lifestyle to get you started in the direction you want to go. You’ll learn what it really means to eat healthy, simplify the information, and remove the confusion. The starter habits will differ from person to person and after you establish those key starter habits, we then build on them with other healthy eating habits. It’s all designed to help you create an eating lifestyle consisting of mostly whole, real food that also balances those treats you would like to keep. We want you to have a healthy relationship with food and feel confident as you navigate challenges to healthy eating.

What are your services and prices?2022-05-04T18:53:50-04:00

I offer health & wellness coaching, personal fitness training, and transformation coaching (a combination of coaching and training). My health coaching program is personalized and provides greater success when practiced over the designed full year. Payments are available in one-time and auto-renew options. Personal fitness training is currently available in 1:1 sessions which can be purchased in packs of 4 week increments. Both my coaching and training programs have a 12 week minimum commitment requirement and additional details can be found by visiting the Packages Page.

I’ve tried everything else. How can you help me?2021-12-13T11:31:13-05:00

You’re not alone. Trying different health programs without much success can leave you feeling frustrated, hopeless, and defeated. It may even lead you to believe that a healthy lifestyle isn’t achievable… or at least by you. First, you’re not the problem. Many programs – with good intentions – use systems that do too much at one time and are geared to tell you what to do rather than teach you how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I use a proven system that focuses on the how. And the best how is different for each individual. You come as you are and I meet you there, guiding you to improve your health and wellness habits in a progressive way that leads to sustainability.

Is this a quick fix program?2021-12-13T13:03:58-05:00

No, this is not a quick-fix program. You may see some results from quick-fix programs, but they are rarely sustainable solutions. My coaching style will always focus on creating sustainable, healthy habits and the pursuit of progress over perfection. Doing too much at one time can easily result in a sense of being overwhelmed, injury, frustration, and possibly giving up, which doesn’t create the long-term effect you are looking for.

Do you provide meal plans?2021-12-13T13:13:42-05:00

I don’t give out pre-created meal plans as they may not fit your needs, your cooking abilities, your time available, or your food preferences.  Meal planning is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I assist you in learning how to meal plan and how to make it a habit. For meal planning to be successful, it has to meet the needs, cooking level, and time constraints specific to your life.

How does your personal fitness training work?2022-04-18T13:29:36-04:00

Personal Fitness Training is offered as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with my Health & Wellness Coaching programs. Sessions are primarily conducted in person (in-home or an agreed upon suitable location) or virtually (if client is confirmed to have demonstrated advanced abilities). I have areas of expertise in functional movement, corrective exercise, strength training, and cardio programming, just to name a few. All new clients begin their journey with an in-depth intake form and various assessments to help ensure that an approach is designed to meet the individual’s current level, needs, as well as goals. Have no fear… I’ll meet you at whatever fitness level you are currently and progress you appropriately so you can reach and maintain the fitness you desire.


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