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  • Online Coaching

    From: $19.99 / month for 12 months
    Struggling to find time to exercise or eat healthy? Let me help. Don't struggle on your own anymore. Get lasting results you never thought possible with expert nutrition and fitness coaching. To get in shape, you'll need to be consistent. And to be consistent, you'll need help. This easy to use web-based platform provides simple nutrition habits and daily check-ins. These small yet powerful habits will help improve your everyday life by leveraging this personalized 12 month curriculum. Is this the solution for you? Well, if you want to get healthier, fitter, and stronger... and stay that way for the rest of your life, YES! If you're tired of 'quick fix' programs and are willing to dedicate the next 12 months to getting in shape the sustainable way, YES! And what's really awesome, you have the ability to tackle this according to your budget and your personality. More of a DIY kinda person, there's a self paced option that's less inexpensive that most monthly gym memberships. Need that accountability to keep you on track, well... that's an option too. Zone into your nutrition needs, spice up your workouts at the gym, at home, or on the go. Or, do both and really create a new lifestyle. So... what are you waiting on?   Program Disciplines: - SELF PACED or COACHED Pricing Options: Self Paced - In App Support ONLY - Nutrition Focus - $19.99/m - Workout Focus - $19.99/m - Lifestyle Focus (Nutrition+Workout Focus) - $34.99/m Coached - In App, Email, Text, Scheduled Conference Support - Lifestyle 01 (Two 30 min Conferences) - $89.99/m - Lifestyle 02 (Four 30 min Conferences) - $159.99/m Money Back Guarantee: Stick with me for a full year and follow my recommendations. If you don't get what you're looking for at the end of the year, I'll give you a full refund.
  • Personal Coaching

    Personalized instruction designed to help you achieve your fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. During these sessions, you’ll experience a customized workout targeting areas such as strength and conditioning, cardiovascular, mobility and stability training that will help to enhance your daily activity and health needs. We’ll also focus on the behavioral adjustments necessary for long term nutritional success. My 6 step coaching process begins with assessing and gathering data, building the client story, creating action plans and next steps, prioritizing and testing the most beneficial action, monitoring and observing outcomes, and making adjustments as necessary. The benefits of these sessions are not only designed with your specific goals in mind, but this level of instruction promotes sustainable transformation. Coaching Disciplines: FITNESS, NUTRITION & LIFESTYLE Session Rates: Single Session (Hourly) – In My Gym $75 – Your Home/Away $80 Packages (Hourly) - 10 Pack $700 (In My Gym) ; $750 (Your Home/Away) - 20 Pack $1330 (In My Gym) ; $1425 (Your Home/Away) **Additional package offerings available for long-term coaching needs. **All gym sessions will be conducted at Titanz Fitness & Nutrition in Smyrna, GA unless otherwise communicated. Please note: All purchased sessions are NON-REFUNDABLE. For more details, read our Terms & Conditions page.  
  • How to Stay in Shape When You're Busy

    What matters most is that you're active every day. And this helps remove the complexities in doing that. Use this plan when you just don't have the time, energy, or resources to do your normal routine. It will do its part by helping you maintain muscle, avoid fat gain, keep your metabolism churning, and much more. Download this FREE plan and take it with you for those emergency moments. You'll never get derailed again!
  • Work deadlines... Social commitments... New baby... Vacation: It's always tempting to wait for the 'perfect time' to address Health & Fitness. Here's why that probably won't work, and what you can consider doing instead. Download this FREE infograph of 6 'dials' to help you continue making progress, even while life is getting crazy.
  • Most people believe that the best way to control portion sizes would be to count calories. But that's not the only way. Download this FREE alternative (much easier) Hand Measure system instead.
  • Before you tackle the process of meal prepping, you have to first understand WHAT, and HOW MUCH to eat. Download and try these FREE make-ahead strategies you'll find in my Online Coaching Nutrition Program. It has been used by many successful clients and you're guaranteed to always have healthy food on hand.
  • If your nutritional and activity efforts are exactly where you want them to be... but you still don't feel you're getting the results you want, poor sleep may be the culprit. Download this FREE infograph and discover how you can make rest a daily priority.
  • Workout nutrition can be overwhelming and confusing sometimes. And until you've tested what works best for you, one can only generally hope for the best. So, let's make things a bit simpler. Download this FREE infograph and discover what to eat before, during, and after exercising... broken down by body type and goal.
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    PreOrder Your Shirt While Supplies Last!! **Orders Begin Shipping the Week of Jul 6, 2020.
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    PreOrder Your Shirt While Supplies Last!! **Orders Begin Shipping the Week of Jul 6, 2020.